Our Philosophy

Building relationships.

Understanding clients and going above and beyond the average level of service.

Innovative thinking.

Being up-to-date with skills and knowledge incorporating latest proven techniques and technologies.

Continuous improvements.

Apply the Kaizen methodology. Taking small steps to achieve big changes.


Keeping it simple.

Creating elegant solutions that simply works.

Dr. Nirwan Nasir

Medical Director

linkedin-profile-pictureDr. Nirwan Nasir is the Medical Director of Simvolous Consultancy. He is also the principal consultant for the company.

Dr. Nirwan founded Simvolous Consultancy to bring his extensive experience in the area of emergency care delivery. He also has experience and interest in health and fitness as applied to the management of chronic diseases as well as in its use as a preventative measure to maintain good health.

Dr. Nirwan has experience leading small teams as well as leading major projects and establishing new services and departments in his previous career. He has worked in the public, private and semi-government sector and thus has a wide perspective of the different models of healthcare delivery in Brunei and the United Kingdom. He also has strong interest in education and training having spent time in university teaching and acting as examiner for undergraduates in Medical School.

Dr. Nirwan is passionate about quality service delivery and strives for continuous improvements as embodied by the Kaizen methodology. He has embraced this concept throughout his career while applying innovative thinking in the process and strongly believes the best solution is the simplest one possible. He draws inspiration from extensive interests not limited to the healthcare profession and thus can apply practical solutions from diverse yet connected fields. All these principles are reflected in the company core values.

In summary, Dr. Nirwan is a medical advisory professional with more than ten years experience in the field of remote site emergency care and planning. He is resourceful and has versatile planning skills and has developed proficiency in pre-hospital trauma clinical response. He has developed a strong interest in wellness and believes strongly in innovative approach to maintain as well as to regain an individual’s health through education and lifestyles measures.