Remote Site Worker Healthcare Support

Simvolous Consultancy offers medical emergency support for companies in the Oil and Gas sector working offshore or in the remote environment. Occupational health services are also included as required.



Simvolous Consultancy will provide a Medical Advisor to assist in:

  • Emergency medical advice to support offshore medics
  • Evacuation need assessments
  • Medical advice for non emergency incidents
  • Review of Medical Emergency Response Plan (MERP)
  • Assistance with planning of drills to test MERPs
  • Occupational Health Support
  • Medical Records Management

The work performed will be in full compliance with your organisation’s current policies.


Scope of Service

Emergency medical advice to support offshore medics in evacuation decisions – immediate or delayed. The Medical advisor will advise on the best care available within the countries where your organisation is operating as well as nearest neighbouring facilities if such services are not available locally. Simvolous Consultancy can provide liaison service if any casualty is admitted to hospitals and provide timely clinical updates to your organisation’s representative.

Follow up non emergent medical incidents in consultation with offshore medics where evacuation is not required. This will be done by the best mode of communication available.

Your organisation’s Medical Emergency Plan (MERP) can be reviewed and updated as required. Simvolous consultancy can also assist in planning emergency medical drills to test each MERP as a whole or in parts.

The Medical Advisor will have regular meetings as required with your organisation’s representative.

Occupational Health (Optional Services)

The Medical Advisor role as an Occupational Physician can provide ongoing site hygiene inspections and audits. Subsequent to the visits he will provide a report to your organisation’s HSSE Department with appropriate action plans and advice on improvements. He may also participate in your organisation’s Hygiene Committee meeting as an advisor. Your organisation’s current company policies and standards are essential for this process.

The Medical Advisor as the Occupational Physician can organize Health education talks to affect general knowledge and influence employee health awareness. This will be done in coordination with the HSSE Department.

Simvolous Consultancy also provides a comprehensive Corporate Wellness Program coordination as a separate package.

The Medical Advisor can keep up-to-date vaccination status records and provide timely reminder and management of vaccination status.

Simvolous Consultancy can be responsible in the areas of general medical care and advice, advice on Occupational Health matters and the management of employee medical records. Holding of current medical records will assist greatly when interfacing with tertiary referral centres especially during emergency evacuations.


Quality Assurance/Quality Control

Simvolous Consultancy will undertake appropriate quality assurance/quality control process. This will look at the qualifications of key personnel and organization charts, perform process audits as necessary, ensure subcontractor’s qualifications, access any tenderer existing data on quality control and laboratory process certifications.

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