Optimisation of Chronic Disease Management

Do you have diabetes or high blood pressure or other chronic diseases? Do you want to improve the control of your condition? Do you want more information from your doctors about your condition and what you can do to improve the control of your condition yourselves? Do you want to take less medications?

Multiple researches have shown the benefits of a well planned self management program for patients with chronic disease such as diabetes or hypertension. These studies have shown that patient empowerment through better education as well as better involvement in their own management decisions produces better control of their condition. This means more involved care from the clinicians also. Unfortunately this will consume a lot of limited resources within the already overstretched public healthcare sector. Your doctor may not have the luxury to spend the needed time to achieve this worthwhile goal.

We are in the position to assist your doctors and yourself in putting into action the principles of self care with the main aim of improving your health and improving the control of your condition. Our objective is to add to the care that you currently receive and not to replace it.

The components of the package are:

  • Initial consultation
  • Assessment of current status
  • Providing education/resource material
  • Setting achievable goals
  • Lifestyle measures discussion and action plan
  • Regular reinforcement of goals
  • Regular monitoring
  • Review/reset goals sessions

Make that commitment, using a proven program that will optimise the control of your condition, and contact us to arrange an appointment now.


  • Counselling sessions done by partner company

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