Remote Site Worker Healthcare Support

Remote Site Worker Healthcare Support

Simvolous Consultancy offers medical emergency support for companies working in the remote environment. In addition occupational health services can be included in the package as required.

Corporate Wellness Program

Research has shown that wellness program contribute to increased productivity of a company. Simvolous Consultancy can tailor a wellness program that is unique to your company needs.

Personal Wellness Program

Simvolous Consultancy Personal Wellness Program is tailored towards your goals and can help motivate you to make positive changes toward a healthy lifestyle.

Optimisation of Chronic Disease Management

Our self management program add to the care that you currently receive with the main aim of improving the control of your chronic condition and most importantly your health.

Family Health Advisory Support

Simvolous Consultancy doctors can guide you and your family to the health advice that best suits your needs. We can then advise on the best immediate actions to take.