Personal Wellness Program

The commonest New Year’s resolutions are weight loss, exercise more, quitting smoking and better financial management. It is not a secret that most of these resolutions are doomed to fail, some even before January is over.The question is why? The most common reason given is lack of time, lack of willpower, work stress and many others but the actual reason is not paying attention to habit forming. Essentially New Year’s resolutions try to wipe out a lifetime of bad habits in an instant. So the real question is why my new well-intentioned habits are not sticking?


5 Common Mistakes That Cause New Habits to Fail

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MISTAKE 1: Trying to Change Everything at Once

MISTAKE 2: Starting With a Habit That is Too Big

MISTAKE 3: Seeking a Result, Not a Ritual

MISTAKE 4: Not Changing Your Environment

MISTAKE 5: Assuming Small Changes Don’t Add Up

Does the above sounds familiar? We know that more than 80% of resolutions fail. Changing behaviour is hard but not impossible. Having someone with whom to share your struggles and successes makes the work easier and the journey less intimidating.

Here is what we can offer to get you to join the 20% of people who has been successful in making a positive change in their lives:

  • Assessment of current physical wellness
  • Comprehensive baseline medical check with optional blood tests
  • Assessment of dietary lifestyle
  • Setting small achievable personalised goals – lifestyle measures
  • Formulate doable action plan
  • Regular agreed reviews

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